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SAHIL FREIGHT EXPRESS PVT. LTD. 3, Busheri Building, Block No. 3, North Cross Lane, Umerkhadi, Sandhurst Road (West), Mumbai - 400009, INDIA.

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Sahil Freight Express Pvt Ltd is proud to be one of India’s largest project freight forwarders. Ever since our humble beginnings more than 23 years ago, the company has been committed to offering a focused & personalized service, and strategy that has allowed us to grow substantially, without losing sight of our primary objectives.....

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Mumbai based Sahil Freight Express has been aggressive in the project logistic arena. The company boasts a dedicated and experienced workforce with its vast knowledge and know-how to move challenging projects. We provide our customers turnkey solutions for their projects that involve a multi-modal concept of ocean, truck, barge, crane rigging, and rail. With a focus on over dimensional projects, Sahil Freight Express meets your demands with extreme precision.....

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Going The Distance With Project Cargo, From Conception To Delivery

Sahil has many years of experience in managing the logistics of special projects, including vessel and aircraft and the chartering and the coordination of out-of-gauge cargoes.....

Project Logistics

When a customer invests in a business partnership with Sahil, we want them to have complete confidence that they have become a part of the most comprehensive project logistics management team available.....

The Right Tool For The Job

Specializing in the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, Sahil offers access to a wide variety of special equipment, including the following.....

Break Bulk Handling

Sahil Freight Express can also manage your break bulk cargo, regardless of the size or how remote the point of origin or destination is.....

Power Projects

Our expertise in handling any type of power project is unmatched. We offer total freight services solutions designed to excel in meeting deadlines, transport goals, and budgets.....


Leveraging its expertise in transporting over dimensional steel products and steel goods, Sahil Freight Express has carved a niche for itself in the forwarding world.....

Offshore And Shipyards

Extreme applications require special solutions. Sahil Freight Express has achieved mastery in handling and transportation of over dimensional cargo and even super equipment required .....

Full Service

We are specialists in project logistics. We offer full services in project management, ranging from complete assessment and planning to new machinery installations and turnkey start up.....


We have established strategically located distribution centers throughout India. We can handle any type of cargo varying from the smallest shipment to highly sensitive semi-conductors and heavy excavating equipment.....